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We provide custom-made web hosting & email Solutions
Web Hosting & Email
We are a premier web hosting company in Sri Lanka. We offer website hosting and emails solutions in Sri Lanka. Clients can choose Sri Lanka web hosting solutions for small and large websites as well as according to their budgets. Our Sri Lanka email services include simple email to advanced large email space with data backups, security and recovery options. Clients have the flexibility to select from a range of web hosting options such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and Cloud hosting to name a few. Websites can be hosted in our USA, Germany or Sri Lanka servers. 
Our technical support team will be every ready to handle your inquiries, monitor servers for malfunctions as well as troubleshoot any problems that could suddenly arise. However our setup is such, we are the ones who guarantee minimum downtime and faster response in the industry. Our email and web hosting solutions allows clients to interconnect their entire IT infrastructure components situated all around the world through a private network. Several leading companies worldwide have chosen our website hosting and email solutions as our products and services are dependable.
Since our options range from basic to performance hosting, clients have the choice to host their static websites such as wordpress and joomla, dynamic ecommerce sites like magento and drupal, as well as humongous social network sites hassle-free. We will even provide onsite support for clients in Sri Lanka as well as remote support for those overseas. From setting-up the server to handle email newsletters to handle huge website traffic, our tech crew will assist you with your email and hosting requirements in an effective and efficient way.
Designsolv Affordable business-class email that works with Outlook®, your smartphone, and Webmail app.
delivering affordable, business-class email. Along with premium spam protection, your company will enjoy a 100% Uptime Guarantee and Fanatical Support available 24x7x365.
Anywhere, anytime access is a requirement for businesses today. With Designsolv Email, your users can access their email using Outlook, a mobile phone, or our Designsolv Webmail application (with many of the features you'll find in Gmail).
Say goodbye to spam and viruses with our premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection. And unlike some other providers, we help keep your business email private with a strict ad-free policy.
Core features
  • Secure POP/IMAP connection

  • 25GB mailboxes

  • Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

  • Daily backups nightly, and you can perform 14-day restores

  • 50MB attachments


Admin features

Admin Control Panel

Manage all of your Designsolv Email & Apps services in one place.


Access control

Manage administrators, set their permissions, and monitor their activity.


1-click support

Quickly access chat, phone, or email support with just a click.


Spam controls

Get robust user- and domain-level spam controls.
Core services
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