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Some Basic Best Practices In Web Design(blog 1)

Web designing is a very serious task as it has an impact on clients’ online presence and image. A well designed and developed website can have a positive impact while a sloppy job could yield disastrous results. Creative web design is all about developing websites that are visually rich and at the same time functionally loaded and user-friendly. Below mentioned are key areas to take into consideration when designing a website.


Call To Action Button


Call to action buttons are clickable buttons a website which performs an action or re-directs to another web page when clicked. Ex: Learn More or Buy Now etc. The message, size, position and color of the buttons play a vital role in drawing users’ attention.




Breadcrumb navigation assists users to navigate with ease around websites with numerous web pages. It is a convenient facet; a secondary navigation plan that facilitates surfers to easily locate where they are; as well as an optional way to find the way around a website. Breadcrumbs help to reduce bounce rate, reduce clicks to return to higher level pages and does not hog screen space.


Quick Search Box


The quick search box comes in handy on content-heavy websites. The reason for this option is to help users to find the info they need on a large website with many pages and content. This feature enables surfers to browse the website and find what they visited for within the shortest possible time and in a hassle-free manner without leaving the website dissatisfied.


404 Error Pages


Well users really don’t like to end-up landing on 404 error pages, when they are looking for some helpful info on the subject they are searching for. This type of error page can be turned into a useful one provided it is done in the right manner. An effective error page will inform the user of the reason for it and will also provide suggestion on possible alternative steps to be taken. A search box and any subject related topic links co


Web Hosting Best Practices (blog 2)
Web hosting plays a major role in the online presence of an entity or brand. Websites, data and web applications are hosted online for storage and safety reasons. A proper web hosting service will ensure that all your websites and apps are running online without any setback. Below summarized are some of the best practices in the web hosting facet.
Ensure you settle with a tried and tested player in the market such as GoDaddy, HostGator and DreamHost to name a few. Selecting the wrong service provider with meager hardware and sloppy support could be devastating. Choose the hosting solution that best suits your need. This way you will not be spending huge sums for standard websites as well as not face setbacks with content-heavy ones. There are many solutions such as VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and Shared hosting, which serves different requirements.
Block IPs of Open Relays through DSBL as well as identified spammers through SpamCop etc to ensure you do not fall into trouble with unwanted spammers. Utilize hardware firewall rather than the software one, since they are less prone to attacks. Make sure you opt for a managed switch for better control. More important is to take care of the backups in offsite resources for recovery/restore purpose. Put some effort into clustering.
Whatever software you are going to use, double check whether the supplier is reputed and trustable. Never every install a software on your server that is outdated in its version. Make use of test servers to try-out any new software. Constantly run antivirus software checks on your servers to guarantee they are safe. Always install the latest security patches. Use a dedicated IP for each domain you host, to be on the safe side in case one of your clients plays havoc and gets blocked, which will not adversely affect the rest of your clients if you have this secure mechanism in place. Last of all monitor everything around the clock and be prepared against any types of threats and recovery process from them all.
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