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Responsive Web Design

We offer the best responsive web design service in Sri Lanka. Our web designers and developers in Sri Lanka are able to design and develop websites that can be viewed in various mobile devices with ease. Users can easily browse websites without having to worry about pinching and zooming the screens. Our unique technique enables us to build mobile friendly websites that are automatically altering their layouts to diverse screen resolutions. Since most people are using tablets and smart-phones to surf the web, it is essential for organizations to own responsive websites as that will be the standard trend in the future.

Our Sri Lanka web designers are able to craft beautiful and customized responsive websites that are feature rich and user-friendly at the same time. Responsive websites can benefit clients with lower cost of maintaining a single website under one domain but displayed in different devices, this eliminating the need to build and maintain separate sites for desktop and mobile devices. Plus these sites are promoted in search engines as well as performance oriented. With this technology the entire industry is revolutionized and can make clients reap better results with increased traffic and conversions.

Clients can simply verify if a website is responsive by resizing their browsers to tablet or smart-phone size. In this technology images can be automatically attuned according to screen dimensions. With responsive technology, the design inside each layout is liquid’ and adjusts the width of the components proportionate to the varying browser window or device size. The responsive web design is a blend made-up of media queries, flexible images, fluid grids, videos and CSS technologies. Our strategies guarantee that clients’ websites are qualified to face the challenges of the modern world, thus ensuring a fruitful future for them.

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