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Our Sri Lankan and International Client Portfolio


Two magazine advertisements designed by Designsolv for the sole agent of Mazda and Peugeot in Sri Lanka. Each ad depicts the facets associated with the relevant Auto brands. Both the advertisements display the special features of the respective models coupled with the price for better understanding. The vehicle makers’ logos are strategically shown by using the vehicles’ bonnet and wheel.  Both the ads carry taglines depicting the relevant brand messages of each make. The sole agent’s contact details such as the showroom location, telephone numbers, email and website are clearly showcased.
The client requested to showcase their connection with two of the top international car makers. They wanted to highlight the features of specific vehicle models targeting two different segments. One advertisement wanted to pitch for the audience with opulent lifestyle while the other was for tech oriented ones. They required both advertisements to be similar looking but with different messages.

Colombo Jewellery Stores

A brochure designed by Designsolv for this jewelry retailer dealing in luxury fashion brands such as Tag Heuer, Dior, Raymon Weil, Hublot and Fendi to name a few. In this brochure, the connection between upscale watch brands and CJS is portrayed. CJS is depicted as a fashion retail to be trusted when it comes to purchasing high end fashion products. CJS’s posh showrooms are displayed with their respective contact details for easy reference. There is also a model wearing some jewelry masterpieces and the overall dark theme of the leaflet too depicts a luxury feeling.
The client wanted to showcase them as a reputed company dealing with expensive magnificent fashion items. They wanted to portray that they serve exclusive fashion products for the fashionable and rich clientele. Getting across the message in a visually creative manner without misrepresenting the brand image was significant. Their showrooms’ and brands’ look and feel was reflected in this brochure.

OMG glam

An ecommerce website designed and developed by Designsolv for a fashion and cloth retail dealing in mega international brands. The website has paypal option to make payments and offers a simple navigational structure for easy browsing experience. The website contains the retailer’s entire range of collections such as tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories for women. Special sections include the new arrivals, vip collection and the body shop page. Filtering options include category, size, price and color. There is also an e-newsletter widget coupled with shopping cart functions. 
The product catalog includes currency converter, sharing link, multiple image views, size chart with additional specs.  The website also explains the terms and conditions of delivery, returns and refunds. Common FAQs, privacy policy and product care are also clarified on the website. A quick search feture coupled with a simple contact form makes for a ideal surfing experience.

Araliya Trading

A Japanese car auction website developed by Designsolv. This website enables users to easily search and reserve vehicles online. Users can search vehicles by make and model. Filtering option by year and right/left hand drive is also provided. The vehicle info contains facets such as multiple images, year of manufacture, engine capacity, transmission, chassis id, mileage, features coupled with currency selection, FOB price and availability etc. The ordering process, payments details, shipping information and import regulations are also clearly explained.   
The website also contains multi-language option, instant contact app and a secure login system. The layout of the website has been simplified with the assistance of quick links for easy navigation. Users are able to make payments with paypal via this website. Other facets of the website includes a description about the company and special offers etc.  

Travelers Street

A travel agency website with payment gateway and booking system developed by Designsolv. The website offers detailed information about the company and its various services and packages. Places of interest, quick links for easy navigation and tour packages are displayed on the website for easy reference. There is a tourism video and a time widget coupled with e-newsletter system. The website also provides information related to the different events this travel company offers. Contact details such as the address, emails and contact numbers are strategically placed on the website for quick reference.
The website is beautifully designed with a travel theme assisted with fantastic photos beginning from the home until the final web page. Latest web technologies have been used in the design and development of this website to ensure security and stable performance. The structure of the website is done in a user-friendly manner to provide the surfers a hassle-free browsing experience.

Lassana Flora

A leaflet designed by Designsolv for a leading company in the floral industry. The message of delivering flowers for all types of events with much care is clearly conveyed in a creative manner. The special offer of free delivery within Colombo city limits is highlighted to be catchy. The contact details such as the showroom, hotline and website are strategically positioned to be highly visible. Most importantly the artwork showcases that this firm’s flowers are fresh and natural. The overall light theme is feminine and blends nicely with the visual and the concept.
The client mentioned to portray themselves as a state of the art and trustable florist capable of delivering various natural fresh flowers for any type of events such as weddings and corporate events. They also wanted to showcase that they are innovative in designing and introducing new floral solutions. Plus they also wanted to inform the audience about their high quality service level.

Lanka Gem Bureau

A jewelry website created by Designsolv to showcase the various offering of this retailer. The website showcases the entire range of products such as earrings, gemstones, rings, necklaces and studs etc for both men and women. The website contains the retailer’s social media channels integrated to the site. Carrying a full screen design specifically done for widescreens, this website is gorgeous when it comes to the visual aspect. The heritage facet of the retailer as well as other vital information such as the process of gem mining, various gem cuts and the meanings of different gemstones are presented in this website. 
The website comprises some of their customer feedback. Features include a product gallery system with pop-up, easy navigation and contact form with spam protection plus a location map. There is a full screen slider coupled with a mini slider on the home page displaying the collection of this retailer. The contact details have been placed in prominent areas of the site for easy reference. 

Drive Green

An educational website on vehicle emission testing in Sri Lanka developed by Designsolv. This website provides information related to emission test pricing, emission standards, required documents, testing points and testing tips to name some. The website has a news widget that carries the latest updates on vehicle emission testing. Introduction to Green Drive as well as the services of this organization and how they benefit the nation are clearly mentioned in the website. The website also offers information on sustainability facets such as the environment and our role as well as laws and compliance factors.
The website features the list of Green Drive vehicle emission testing stations in this country coupled with the respective info such as address and contact numbers, which makes it easier for users to locate the stations. This facet is simplified further via an interactive map. Other sections in this website include a media room page for press releases related to this organization as well as a career page.

Tudor Tea – Akbar Group

A branding oriented website designed by Designsolv to highlight the connection of premium Ceylon Tea with The House of Tudor. The website presents the history of Akbar Group and its subsidiary called Falcon Trading Company. The quality maintenance, state of the art technologies and processes used and the expertise of the team are portrayed in this website. Also mentioned here is the history of the Ceylon tea and its evolvement to become one of the finest tea producers in the world. The different categories of Ceylon tea grown in various parts of Sri Lanka are explained.
The website contains the differentiation factor of Tudor Teas and provides detailed descriptions coupled with photos of each product such as their variety of tea bags, packets and tins containing a range of teas. The website features the certifications and awards this tea brand has won over the years. The website contains features such as multi language, inquiry form, location map and rich design elements.
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