Responsive Web Design
Enjoy a seamless browsing experience across multiple devices
Multimedia & Graphic Design
Create a captivating story to convey your message clearly.
Mobile App Development
Take your business to where your audience interacts.
Ecommerce Websites
Benefit from rich features, stable performance and increased traffic.
SEO & Internet Marketing
Create more awareness among your target markets and segments.
Software Development
Mini applications to gigantic programs, we offer them all!
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Our Sri Lanka Web Design Service 

With the assistance of our certified and seasoned squad of expert Sri Lanka web designers, we as a premier website development company provide customized website solutions for organizations of all types and sizes worldwide, such as government institutions, corporate entities, NGOs, small businesses etc 


Website Design

Websites represent your organizations in the virtual world. Your firm’s image should be reflected on the internet in an accurate manner. A good web design will enhance the outlook of your business globally


  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Tailored Website Development
  • Adaptive Web Design (ADW)
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Website Overhaul
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Web App Development

Several companies are looking for various kinds of web applications to make their day to day operations to be effective and efficient as well as their end users to benefit from a user-friendly experience

  • File Converters
  • Audio & Video Streaming Apps
  • Chat Apps
  • Image Editors
  • Survey Apps
  • Financial Applications
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icon_services_003                               Internet Marketing & SEO


It is not only sufficient to own a functionally and visually outstanding website. It is essential to attract targeted visitors to your website on a consistent level. Proper SEO and online marketing can do it


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords Campaign
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
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Ecommerce Web Design


Whether you are fashion retail, restaurant or an online shopping business; enabling clients to browse through and make reservations and purchases in an easy and secured manner as never been more vital

  • Payment Gateway
  • Product Catalog
  • Inventory Control
  • Shopping Cart
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
  • Multi Currency Transaction
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Travel Website Design

If you are managing a hotel, travel agency or a car rental; having the web presence in the right way is important. The site has to be convenient, feature rich and performance oriented for better conversion

  • Flight Booking
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Package Management
  • API Integration
  • MIS Reports
  • Multi Language
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Tailored Software Solutions


Every company whether big or small has a requirement to streamline their processes to be competitive in their respective industries. Having the ideal software solution could yield better results for you


  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Web Apps & Widgets
  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Desktop Software
  • Payroll Systems
  • Quality Testing
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Video & Photography

Multimedia is everywhere. From LED displays inside supermarkets to television ads, creative message has to be communicated precisely via any multimedia channels. We edit videos and commercials

  • Digital Slideshows
  • Youtube Campaign
  • Television Ads
  • Guerilla Video Projection
  • In-Game Commercials
  • Digital Signage Advertisement
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Website Consultancy

What is remarkable technically may not be the best visually and vice versa. It is imperative to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of a website design and scrutinize the development factor to perfect websites

  • SEO Audit
  • Online Marketing Analysis
  • Website Performance Check
  • Requirement / Systems Study
  • QA Testing
  • Web Applications Evaluation
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IT Outsource Services and Solutions

Several mega firms are outsourcing their Information Technology related operations to be managed by IT companies in the developing countries such as Sri Lanka because of resource and cost linked factors

  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance 
  • App & Software Development
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • Document Management
  • Data Processing
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Some of our Clients Websites!

Since our web design company is based in Sri Lanka, you can get your websites completed faster and within budget.

Travelers Street
Travel website with booking engine
Drive Green
An educational website
Lanka Dance Sport Council
An informational website
Our Ingenious & Efficient Web Design Process!!






Our Sri Lanka web designers will try to comprehend the customer’s business, their industry, target segments and what they expect from the website in order to identify a string of goals. Following the requirement analysis of the client, we will go ahead to develop a blueprint of the things required for the customer’s website project.






Once the initial requirements are collected, our web designers in Sri Lanka will move on to design the website to carry the message of the client in a visually captivating manner. We will be very creative in the concepts provided to the clients for their evaluation and selection. We continue to refine the visual until client is wholly satisfied.






Once the initial requirements are collected, our web designers in Sri Lanka will move on to design the website to carry the message of the client in a visually captivating manner. We will be very creative in the concepts provided to the clients for their evaluation and selection. We continue to refine the visual until client is wholly satisfied.






Once the website development stage has been completed, we will move to quality test the website and troubleshoot last minute problems that could pop-up in the final moments. After this is done and we are fully confident, we will forward the website for a final review of the client. Once that is approved, we take the website live

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After the handover, we will be continuously monitoring the site to inspect its performance. Our team will be ever-ready to attend & troubleshoot any issues that might arise at a later stage.


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Our expertise; why choose us
Creative Digital Agency

As a prominent creative digital agency in Sri Lanka, it is our duty to represent Sri Lanka web design at its best by offering a total digital solution to companies. We undertake and manage content planning, content strategizing and media planning on behalf of our clients. When it comes to websites, we look into facets such as site visits, behavior analytics and optimization strategies.

Then we work on the development of the content both the architecture and the message. Later moving on to the designing stage we work on refining the user experience, wireframes, user interface and other design related facets. Moving further to the development stage, we work with latest cutting edge technologies to build performance oriented stable solutions.

Last of all, we ensure that your website or campaign gets more exposure through stunning internet marketing via social media channels, search engine optimization, pay per click advertisements, email marketing and display campaigns to name a few.

Customized Web Solutions

We are one of those web designing and development companies in Sri Lanka that offer clients the choice to customize their websites, internet marketing campaigns and web applications according to their needs. Many web design companies try to force clients to go for a cheap ready-made option that is minimally customizable. Ultimately the clients get stagnated at a certain point and the rigid solution becomes useless in the long-term. 


This could happen with ready-made website development platforms and applications. Suppose a client’s product list expands on his/her ecommerce website and now they find that the system the site was built is not designed to handle so much of volume and misses features that the client later might request such as ad management, promo campaigns etc, the entire website comes to a standstill and the client is required to move on to a new platform.


This where we help our clients upfront by clearly communicating the pros and cons of various options available and recommending to them the ideal one that suits their requirements or if the client insists and there are no readymade solutions, we advance to customize their websites or online marketing campaigns to match their exact needs.


E-Commerce Web Development

Ecommerce websites are becoming more popular these days. The advantage of having an ecommerce website is that you can increase your brand awareness internationally. These ecommerce websites help businesses to attract more targeted traffic towards their relevant websites as well as assist in the conversions too. 


As a best web design company in Sri Lanka, we are experts in ecommerce web design. We undertake ecommerce website development for hotels, retails, travel agencies and any businesses interested in offering online shopping facility. Our Sri Lanka ecommerce web designers are specialists in developing feature rich ecommerce sites with shopping cart, converters, comparisons, language translations, payment gateway integration and product catalogues to name some.

Ecommerce websites assist users from all over the world to purchase or do transactions without delays and costs involved in traveling, help users to compare products and services as well as reviews, open around the clock throughout the year and enable users to locate products faster. Ecommerce websites can empower organizations to better target their customer base and conduct focused promotional activities through direct marketing initiatives.


Industry Specific Websites

As one of the oldest web design companies in Sri Lanka, we possess a huge portfolio consisting of websites done for various types of businesses involved in different industries. We have successfully completed and launched websites for firms involved in the industries such as real estate, food and beverage, tourism, healthcare and automotive to name a few.


Our client list includes restaurants, car rentals, travel agencies, chemical manufacturers, architects, fashion retails, clinics, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, car sales and tea manufacturers to name a few.

Our pro web developers in Sri Lanka will carefully analyze your industry and will proceed to design and develop your website and web applications to connect your online presence with the correct audience and the right message.


Responsice Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the present standard in web design & development. It enables to view websites more clearly in mobile devices and assists to browse sites with ease. As the trend is deviating towards tablets and smart-phone usage for browsing the internet, companies are looking for responsive web design as the ideal choice for the development of their websites.


Users need not worry about pinching and zooming or scrolling around websites as with this new technology in website designing, users can interact in a more simplified manner just by tapping the screens of their mobile device. The layout of the site will get adjusted automatically according to the various devices.
As a top web agency in Sri Lanka, we have developed numerous websites via responsive web design technique for our clients and have seen a vast improvement in the traffic to their respective sites and conversion rates as well. The advantages of responsive web design includes search engines loving mobile friendly websites, being able to maintain a single website with a central URL instead of designing different websites for desktop and mobile devices, better user-experience and traffic to name a few.


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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization.As one of the leading web design companies in Sri Lanka, we understand that it is a must to draw much targeted traffic towards the website for a better conversion rate. Our search engine optimization and online marketing strategies ensure that our clients’ websites are made aware among their respective target markets and segments.


Enjoying a high visibility level on the internet is a must in this highly competitive online world. Many businesses and brands are vying to capture the mindshare of the surfers. So a well planned and executed online campaign could yield better results for clients. 


We are professionals in organically ranking websites higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our internet marketing team ensures that an amazing PR campaign is carried out via search engine marketing methods such as online campaigns in YouTube, emails, facebook, adwords, twitter etc.

Unparalleled Customer Service

As a primary web development company in Sri Lanka, we make sure that our clients are fully satisfied and are able to operate their websites without any setbacks. We guarantee the lowest downtime and the fastest response in the industry. 


Our technical support team is able to offer a solid customer support by quickly attending to inquiries and troubleshooting drawbacks in a faster manner so that our clients can get on with their daily activities hassle-free.

We are always monitoring our clients’ websites for any problems as well as for latest updates and threats etc and will keep the clients updated on the progress. Clients are able to directly get in touch with the relevant teams such as design & development, internet marketing, technical etc to convey their requirements and get the job done soon.

User Interface & User Experience

To be among the finest Sri Lanka web design companies, it takes a lot of effort and achievement. One of the main criteria is the user experience of the surfers who browse various websites. No matter how visually and feature rich a site is, it is no point if visitors to the site find it hard to explore and interact on it. That’s why a good user interface is required for better overall user-experience.


The structure of the website, the navigation factor, helpful features such as quick search, simplified visual representation etc should be thoroughly thought-out and implemented for a user-friendly experience. Whether it’s browsing your website in a mobile device or on a wide screen monitor, users should have the same good browsing experience throughout the various devices.

That’s why our Sri Lanka website designers make sure that right from the conceptualization to the implementation of the final site, each and every element of the website is taken into consideration and scrutinized properly to check whether they are useful and accessible to end users. This facet is what makes web design in Sri Lanka unique.


Website Hosting & Emails

We provide the best web hosting and email solutions in Sri Lanka. Our website hosting and email packages are second to none. Whether your organization requires affordable email solutions or is expected to handle huge volumes, we give the perfect solutions matching each client’s requisite. 


Our Sri Lanka emails and hosting service has lot of features to select from. We provide mega space for emails, backups, recovery option and lowest downtime in the industry. We offer foreign based servers in USA and Germany as well as local Sri Lankan servers to host your websites.

Whether you are in the garment manufacturing industry or the logistic sector, if you need the correct email and hosting solution, we have the answers for your quest. Our web hosting and email team in Sri Lanka will be available 24/7 365 days to ensure your emails and websites function smoothly.

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